Interview with Arlette Resendiz, Super Test Manager

January 27, 2014

​This week we talked with Arlette Resendiz at Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore. Arlette is the studio’s Super Test Manager and one of the many unique personalities at Wargaming’s office in Chicago-Baltimore.

Arlette is famous in the office for her love of cats, game-related cosplay and her decorated office space. She’s also bilingual and has a background in community management at companies like Nintendo.

Arlette image2Arlette could you tell us what being part of a Super Test means, in your own words? 

It means to be an extraordinary World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition player! What is a Super Test?

It’s the reserved continuation of the closed beta when World of Tanks XBOX 360 Edition is released to the public. The Super Test goal is to identify, unite, and leverage an elite group of gamers from the player base to gain advanced feedback on mechanics, UI, game balance and potential bugs before a build or game update is released into the wild.

What’s your connection to games, the games industry, and how did that start? 

As many of you can relate to my story, my obsession with video games began with the classic NES and my wish to work in the game industry.  However, being born and raised in Mexico City, made this dream seem impossible.  It was not until after I moved to the United States that I saw an opportunity to accomplish my goal even if it meant working from the ground up.  Be generous, work hard, and dream BIG because dreams do come true!

Why do I like games?  Well… I compare video games to being “Interactive Books”.  I can go off on an adventure, be part of the story and have the opportunity to learn from all the experiences and choices I have to make throughout the journey.  There is nothing more appealing than being an adventurer in an infinite number of realms at your disposal.

TronBonneCosplay2For those who don’t know, what is cosplay and what does it mean to you?

Who doesn’t want to be their favorite video game character? I Cosplay because I love the characters and their personalities. It’s always fun and I love it

I made several cosplays in the past years. The first Cosplay I made was my Samus Aran suit from Metroid Prime.  The second and my favorite Cosplay of all time was Miss Tron Bonne with Giga Servbot from Megaman Legends and Marvel VS Capcom 2.  I have so many cosplays I want to make!

One of my ultimate favorite things to do is to make a costume with the cheapest materials possible and this also includes using common items you find around the house!  It’s more of a challenge and you end up pushing yourself to be frugal and creative while trying to maintain the principle of the costume itself.

I should Cosplay as a Pz. IV.  Best Tanks ever!! …Can you really Cosplay as a tank?

When and where did you first hear about Wargaming?

I was the Community Manager at Day 1 Studios, and then began working for Wargaming when the studio became a part of Wargaming.

My previous role was the Quality Assurance Lead for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, and now I am the Super Test (/self-proclaimed Cat) Manager for the game.

What do you like most about your job?

Apart from working on such a fun game, I would have to say I like the atmosphere in the studio.  It is very welcoming and laid back and I am happy they allow me to have a ridiculous amount of video game collectibles in my office.  Aside from their current job titles, all of my co-workers are artists and I feel very privileged to be working with some of the most amazing individuals on the planet.  I have the utmost sincere respect for them.

How do you think Wargaming West fits into Wargaming’s global big picture?

Given the experience both Chicago-Baltimore studios have with the console market, it just made sense. The studios also historically have a great relationship with Microsoft which is essential especially when you are developing an XBOX 360 title.  It’s always exciting to venture into new projects especially when you have an amazing team with a common goal and vision.

For you, what makes Wargaming different from other gaming companies?

The symbiotic relationship between Wargaming studios across the globe feels very organic in the development process and even though all Wargaming locations have a different purpose, we are still correlated to one another. Wargaming global offices occupy all time zones so the sun never sets for us!!  That’s a very amusing fact!

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