Wargaming Developers Attend Chicago Public Schools Gaming Day

May 7, 2015


Developers from Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore recently had the pleasure of participating in a very special event for 120 high school students from Chicago Public Schools called, A Closer Look: The World of Gaming. Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, along with the Chicago based game studios Iron Galaxy, Phosphor, and Robomodo were invited to give presentations on game development to students during the Gaming Day.


Each studio gave 45 minute presentations on subjects ranging from coding and animation to starting a career in the video game industry. Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore’s Lead Game Designer, Jeff Gregg along with Senior Technical Designer, Chad Kilgore gave a lively and engaging presentation to the students on teamwork and game development followed by an interactive Q and A session.


“Our presentation was focused on team work and how that helps one get a job in the game industry. The presentation was fast, fun, interactive, and generated many good questions as well as a lot of discussion after.  It’s awesome to be able to reach out to the local community like this and I look forward to being able to do it again,” said Jeff Gregg.


Chad Kilgore added: “Our presentation focused on T-shaped people (yes, Mr. T was an example) and teamwork. Immediately after our presentation, one of the hosts jumped up and reinforced our topic emphasizing its importance and how it’s important to be both wide and deep. During the breaks students inundated me with even more questions. It was great!”

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